Video AI Error Recognition For GMP Regulated Industries
Automated Process Monitoring Prevents Downtime And Product Loss
Realtime Detection And Alerts of Deviations And Human Errors
A New Level Of Efficiency And Safety On The GMP Shop Floor

Video-based AI Error Recognition for GMP-regulated industries

Data Secure - Automated - Real-time

Effective management of GMP-regulated manufacturing areas requires a holistic approach based on identifying and monitoring those components that play the most critical roles: facility, personnel and microbial control. DeepEyes video-based AI error-recognition solutions close the gap that even the best training and supervision/monitoring are leaving open. The entire production process becomes more transparent/analyzable, more efficient. 


The intelligent DeepEyes solutions automate surveillance and alert deviations and anomalies from good manufacturing processes in real time.

The DeepEyes solutions provide constant Quality Control that goes parallel to the manufacturing process.

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