Unlock the Power of Video-Based AI Error Recognition.
Experience automated process support that prevents downtime and product loss.
Real-time Alerts Of Deviations Enable Instant Corrections
A New Level Of Efficiency And Safety In GMP-regulated Environments

Video-based Error Recognition for GMP-regulated Environments

Welcome to DeepEyes where we tackle the invisible challenges in complex regulated environments head-on. Did you know that up to 70% of errors, often stemming from the human factor, remain hidden from traditional analytics? in the intricate landscape of (bio-)pharmaceutical manufacturing, overlooking these unseen errors can have significant consequences. 

DeepEyes introduces a game-changing approach – Video-based AI Error Recognition – empowering to detect, adress and prevent errors that traditional analytics may miss.


Elevate your manufacturing standards with DeepEyes. Our privacy and data secure technology supports operators in adhering to hygiene, safety, and quality requirements.

  • Prevent production delays, downtimes, material waste, and accidents.
  • Ensure a safer and more efficient production environment.
  • Achieve significantly higher margins and a quicker time to market.
Automated Process Monitoring with DeepEyes AI Error Recognition
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Based in Munich, Germany, DeepEyes is at the forefront of developing video-based recognition technology for enhanced safety and efficiency in (bio-)pharmaceutical manufacturing.

DeepEyes solutions operate on premise; they comply with European data and privacy security (GDPR) regulations.