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Video-based A.I. recognition for real-time monitoring and quality checks.

A new level of efficiency and safety on the shop floor.

We build exclusive AI computer-vision systems for specific requirements in the manufacturing and logistics industries. Our customers profit through better managing behavioural risks, e.g. at the human machine interface, or through more effective quality monitoring.  Our solutions can be embedded into any environment; they deliver accurate results in real time. Also, they operate on standard hardware, with standard cameras. They do not need the cloud which means higher security at very low cost. Clearly defined outliers to standard processes will be indicated to customized alerts, either visual or audible, on any device.

As opposed to modern systems of artificial intelligence, which commonly require high computing power, the DeepEyes technology is based on the fastest and most accurate algorithm for multidimensional statistics, which uses low-level computing processes. This is no less than revolutionary.

  • Cost effective, our technology runs on standard hardware.

  • Safe, our technology can work standalone and offline.

  • Flexible, data from other vendors´ data capturing devices/sensors can be integrated easily

  • Quick, our algorithms make applications up to 15 times more efficient than existing systems

  • User-friendly, no special skills required

We have spent more than 10 years on research and development for developing our proprietary DeepEyes core algorithm.

With our technology it is easy to build predictive models for all visual surveillance requirements on the shop floor or anywhere, where worker safety and efficiency have highest priority. Example use cases in Manufacturing and Logistics.

Our technology does not require neural networks but exclusively relies on smart algorithms.

Recognition of Facial Expressions

DeepEyes detects the ability to perform duty in real-time

Based on an individual´s relaxed face

DeepEyes detects behavioural risks in facial micro expressions and supports operators who have a high responsibility for the safety of others.
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Object Recognition

DeepEyes detects and alerts even the tiniest flaws on the surface of moving objects

DeepEyes quality monitors objects of any kind.

DeepEyes works with the highest accuracy on off-the-shelf cameras and can even detect anomalies and deviations on moving objects, e.g. on a conveyor belt.
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Motion Recognition

Based on customer requirements DeepEyes recognizes outliers in motions.

DeepEyes recognizes human motions of any kind

DeepEyes early indicates anomalies in human behaviour, e.g. deviations from standard procedures, individuals trespassing danger zones.
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Gesture Recognition

DeepEyes accurately identifies exact hand movements, even down to every finger.

Recognize motions of hands and fingers

DeepEyes tracks precise body movements with standard hardware and HD cameras.
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