In the heat of the game professional athletes are often unaware of body warning signs. The DeepEyes technology detects anomalies in movements and can prevent injuries.

Body Reading

The DeepEyes technology DeepMood detects the tiniest movements in faces with a normal video camera. The technology measures 98 parameters in relaxed faces and can afterwards identify aberrations thus recognizing a large number of emotional shades specific for this particular person.
Mood Reading

Access control systems, location and event surveillance, tracking of perpetrators: The DeepEyes A.I. technology ”sees” anomalies in crowds and makes locations more secure while making investigation and analysis easier and smarter.

Locations and Events
Motion Recognition in Gaming
DeepEyes recognizes and tracks gestures and translates them to the screen from a standard PC or mobile device. The user can move freely without wiring and without a motion sensor. All it needs is a simple HD camera. This makes gaming easier and more fun.
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Disruptive video-based recognition technologies for requirements until now considered out of reach

As opposed to modern systems of artificial intelligence, which commonly use external neural networks, the DeepEyes technology does not require the most advanced and most expensive hardware. Instead we use low-level computing processes for our video-based artificial intelligence technology.

Our unique development is based on the fastest algorithm for multidimensional statistics. Our origins are Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) and we have spent more than 10 years on research and development.

With our technology it is easy to build predictive models for all visual analytics requirements in any industry.

  • Cost effective, our technology runs on standard hardware.

  • Safe, our technology can work standalone and offline.

  • Flexible, data from other vendors´ data capturing devices/sensors can be integrated easily

  • Quick, our algorithms make applications up to 15 times more efficient than existing systems

  • User-friendly, no special skills required

Our technology does not require neural networks but exclusively relies on smart algorithms.

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Identify emotions in a one-on-one setting

Individual Emotion Recognition

Compares facial expressions with answers given orally. “Lie Detection”
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Identify a person against a watchlist or database

Face/Person Recognition

Works with privacy secure pixels as well as statistical information.
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Identify emotions like surprise, indifference or joy

General Emotion Recognition

Works with privacy secure pixels as well as statistical information.
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Recognize patterns and outliers in crowds

Crowd Pattern Recognition

Early indicates threats in crowds with standard surveillance cameras.
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Translate precise body movements to a screen

Gesture/Body Recognition

Tracks precise body movements with standard hardware and a HD camera.
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