The Company

DeepEyes GmbH, headquartered in Munich, Germany, with an international team of scientists, develops and markets recognition technology designed to increase safety and efficiency in  (bio-)pharmaceutical manufacturing.

By recognizing and instantly alerting deviations in the lab, clean room and on the shop floor, DeepEyes solutions support operators in repetitive tasks like monitoring production processes and recognizing imminent risks by instantly alerting them when a correction needs to be made or a hazard needs to be averted.

DeepEyes offers video-based AI error-recognition solutions to prevent accidents, product loss, downtimes, recalls and reputation loss.

DeepEyes solutions operate on premise; they comply with European data and privacy security (GDPR) regulations.

TUV - ISO 9001

Our Values

The DeepEyes Vision:

  • safe and efficient workplaces
  • human intelligence freed up for complex, creative tasks.

Our Mission:

By instantly recognizing deviations that may compromise the final product, DeepEyes solutions enable higher efficiency and safety in (bio-)pharma manufacturing, thus contributing to

  • cost reductions
  • quality improvements
  • competitive advantages for our clients

The DeepEyes Technology:

We are proud of our  proprietary technology which makes it possible to execute highly complex calculations with low computing power and with unprecedented precision. Our algorithms work independently, without neural networks of any kind. Some solutions can be used on any small device with a microcontroller.

This represents an invaluable advantage: although the technology can access any data base, neural network, internet data source, it can also work standalone, independently, without internet access. Thus, application possibilities become endless. Artificial intelligence and video recognition will become a technology open for all. More …