Aseptic Handling

Aseptic Handling

The goal of aseptic handling is to keep products sterile and protect them against contamination of micro-organisms. In cases, where toxic materials are involved, it is also important to protect humans and the environment from hazardous substances. Therefore, aseptic activities require an exact determination of microbial risk, intensive training as well as clear and detailled process instructions.

However, errors can still happen and may cause substantial risk to operators´ health as well as to the organization in terms of effectiveness.  

DeepEyes solutions go beyond traditional training and process to-dos. They provide instant alerts to operators whenever an irregularity is spotted. Operators have the opportunity to correct the activity and prevent further damage from happening.

The solutions can also be leveraged for training situations where they give instant feedback and make training easier and more realistic.

Recognitions can include:

  • Interruption of laminar airflow
  • Usage of tools such as forceps or tweezers 
  • Counting of individuals
  • Material transfer 
  • Fast movements
  • Touching surfaces, walls, etc.

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