Measuring is Knowing, Guessing is Missing: The Future of Footfall

Savvy retailers know that maximizing profits means smart marketing; however, it can be challenging to market efficiently in an offline world, at the point of sale, where measuring and analyzing customer behavior is next to impossible. To support that effort, footfall – people counting – technologies have been created and refined over the years. [...]

China planning $2.1 billion research campus to become world AI leader

It´s official: The A.I. race is on. Silicon Valley does not seem to be the only place any more that sees Artificial Intelligence as the new deity. According to CBNC, China is planning to spend $ 2.1 bn. for a dedicated A.I. research campus to further its goal of becoming a world leader in [...]

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How A.I. and Recognition Technologies Will Support the Automotive Industry in Managing Disruption

No doubt: Power shift in the automotive sector is there to happen and we can´t stop it. If ever there was an industry ripe for disruption, the automotive industry is. Adopting innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and recognition abilities at an early stage will play an integral part in managing the turbulent times [...]

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