Counting Solutions

Counting of Vials and Containers

Filled vials and ampoules need to be accurately counted before or during packing.

Traditional automated solutions often fail to recognize wrong colour caps, misplaced vials etc. which often leads to a wrong automatic count.

Therefore, additional visual counting – counting by humans – is often the preferred option.

The downside: Also human error leads to wrong countings, deviations of all kinds.

DeepEyes solutions combine pattern-recognizing AI technology with redundant cameras. Operators get an alert of any detected anomaly and can counter-check deviations. The result is a real-time reliable verification of the number of counts on the tray and/or on the belt.

Counting of Humans

HSE regulations require that persons are quickly located and evacuated in an emergency. For workforce safety requirements humans are counted in entire buildings, plants, or dedicated areas.

DeepEyes enables exact, privacy secure, reliable people real-time counting.

Optionally, our counting solutions can enhance PPE recognition functionalities in personal locks. Displays show the maximum number of persons vs. the actual number for operators to check before they start the gowning process.


  • Operators know cleanroom entry eligibility before gowning.
  • Generated data demonstrate compliance for audits.