DeepEyes AI Project Steps 2020-05-11T11:50:02+01:00

Process Steps for Your AI Project with DeepEyes.

Business Case


We introduce DeepEyes: Show demos, answer questions

Discuss your business value

Define technical project requirements


Proof of Concept

We demonstrate our capabilities for one recognition of your choice (POC) with clearly defined time frames and fixed cost

(friendly price)

Prototype MVP

We make the solution:

Adjust the prototype to your exact recognition needs

Design and train neural networks with provided data

Further refine and extend the recognition(s)

Solution Deployment

We roll the solution out as licences per user, device or camera:

Assist in integrating into existing infrastructure and processes.

Build alerts

Test solution end to end

Maintenance and Support

We support and maintain your solution:

Make minor adjustments, as needed (e.g. for new recognition variants)

Available for your new ideas and further improvements

Get in Touch