Innovation Workshop

In-house Workshop:
Reducing Safety Threats and Efficiency Losses in (Bio-) Manufacturing with Video-based AI Error Recognition

Video-based AI error recognition technology optimizes the GMP-regulated production process. It supports operators in complying with hygiene, safety, and quality requirements by spotting irregularities in real time.


  • Minute production irregularities, non-compliance to safety and hygiene requirements can have serious consequences for the entire production process.
  • Humans, though needed on the sophisticated GMP-regulated production floor, pose a risk to standardization. They introduce variability, which opens the door to errors and defects.
  • Flaws and irregularities can lead to substantial production losses and severe logistic issues.

Workshop Goals:

Identify concrete application fields for video-based AI error-recognition to solve customer challenges in production, thus enabling an optimized, more efficient manufacturing process.

Target Group:

Production leaders, plant managers, process managers, innovation officers, operational managers, R&D managers, quality managers, technical officers

Participants are not required to have specific AI knowledge.

Workshop Organization:

We will adjust the workshop to specific customer requirements.

We recommend the workshop in-house, in order to have the opportunity to visit the production site.

Alternatively, the workshop can also take place online.

Mutual NDA required. 


English or German, as required.


Workshop Content:

  • Onsite / facility tour with explanations and discussion 
  • Identify sensitive areas in the production process where errors and malfunctions happen (facility tour)
  • Factor analysis: Identify and prioritize optimization steps 
  • Introduce video-based AI technology to improve quality assurance to substantially increase defect detection accuracy 
  • Q&A: discuss open questions and topics like regulatory requirements, company deployment/rollout scenarios as well as data security and privacy questions.

Specific fields of interest can be:

  • Leak detection, e.g. in bioreactors
  • Safety or production risks arising from unwanted motions and/or gestures
  • Non-compliance to anti-contagion guidelines
  • Faulty packaging, faulty assembly, filling levels, anomalies in shape or colour caused by human error


  •  Gain more control over error-prone processes
  •  Ease the development of customized solutions by creating a framework to bring AI modeling, solution development and production domain expertise together.
  • Lower production cost, improve product quality and increase manufacturing efficiency by applying video-based AI in the manufacturing environment.
  • Provide a deep understanding of video-based AI technologies and their potential in process optimization.


Workshop participants should bring photos, videos and other materials relevant for the discussion.

After the workshop, participants will receive a summarizing document, which assesses the business benefit of specific video-based AI recognition solutions. The document will serve as a basis for management decisions to implement video-based AI recognition technologies.


4.400 Euro