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In industrial and logistics environments small deviations from process or anomalies on objects can cause high follow up costs. DeepEyes offer disruptive visual systems for industrial monitoring requirements and automate tedious and ineffective surveillance processes.

Errors and deviations can be corrected right away. Error-related cost like downtimes, recalls, recourse claims, reputational damage, as well as work accidents are reduced dramatically.

On-Device Object, Behaviour, Motion Recognition.

The Next Generation of Video-Based Error Detection for Industrial Requirements

The DeepEyes technology does not need high computing power; the solutions do not need the cloud.  With its ability to run complex AI error recognition on standard cameras, on-device, in real time, DeepEyes offers viable, i.e. affordable and data secure solutions for complex, customized gesture, motion and object recognitions to the industrial world.

Our technology does not require neural networks but exclusively relies on smart algorithms

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We are an international team of data scientists headed by renowned experts in their fields. Our research agenda covers a broad spectrum: Video Analytics Technology, Predictive Technology, Optoelectronics, and related areas.

We combine new developments in Computer Vision and Big Data analytics with real-life customer requirements.

Our international sales and marketing organization is based out of Munich, Germany. We are currently active in Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain and the US (Silicon Valley).

What Makes Us Special

As opposed to modern systems of artificial intelligence, which require high computing resources and expensive GPU cards, the DeepEyes technology works autonomously by enabling on-device neural network accelleration. It is not restrained by hardware requirements or computational capabilities of modern processors and video cards. Instead we combine sophisticated mathematical and statistical models and and have developed our own DeepEyes universal algorithm which is based on low-level computing processes. It represent a new generation of video analytics-based artificial intelligence; it delivers quick or real-time results with the highest accuracy.

Management Team

Vadim Danshin
Vadim DanshinCTO
In his role leading product development, Vadim is working to transform DeepEyes vision and product plans into compelling product reality. An expert in the field of robotics Vadim specializes in analogue and digital circuit engineering as well as on detectors. Prior to DeepEyes Vadim´s main area of interest was in the development of optoelectronic systems. He has launched several successful R&D student companies.
Eva Lang
Eva LangCEO
Eva leads the development of DeepEyes’s short- and long-term strategy.
She creates and implements DeepEyes´s vision and mission and oversees operations. A generalist with more than 20 years experience at the leading edge of hightech and IT she knows how to make market entries successful. Eva has has been active in strategic marketing and sales executive roles where she defined roadmaps and market direction and forged partnerships with industry leaders.
Jan Wansink
Jan WansinkCOO
Jan is responsible for developing, implementing and executing DeepEyes´ sales growth strategies across all customer segments, and channels. Jan has an in-depth knowledge in high-tech and IT markets and a huge network across top European brands. An innovation enthusiast Jan worked for several private and public IT companies in business development and strategic positions and founded two leading edge IT companies.

Our technology does not require external neural networks. Instead it enables on-device neural network accelleration.

If you would like to speak with our experts, please contact us and we’ll set it up.

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