Human Error Recognition

Human Error Recognition For GMP-Regulated Industries

On the shop floor, in the clean room or in packaging, Human Error can show in many ways. DeepEyes detects deviations from required behaviour, defined correct processes and activities and alerts the operator in real time. This allows him to make instant corrections. 

A clear prior differentiation of correct and incorrect behaviour is necessary so that the core DeepEyes behaviour recognition technology can be adapted to the defined requirements. 

All recognition modules can be combined with the DeepEyes person blurring solution so as to ensure complete privacy.


  • The door needs to be closed before a machine can be switched on
  • An object is not allowed to be moved from a defined section to a defined other section of the workplace.
  • The safety gear needs to be put on in a clearly defined order.
  • A specific amount of activities needs to be carried out in a specific order.
  • The entire surface needs to be cleaned by the clean room operator

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