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The DeepEyes technology has been tested and is used in various verticals and industries. The process has often involved a deep integration into existing applications. Below are some examples of application areas:

Automotive Industry / Smart Car:

  • Driver Surveillance: Detect Drowsiness and Intoxication of drivers (Individual Emotion Recognition),
  • Face / Motion Recognition Access /Authentication (Face Authentication)
  • Smart City: Count passengers,┬ádetect unwanted behaviour on public transport,


Gaming Industry:

  • Make motion recognition possible with a normal webcam (Gesture Recognition)
  • Enable emotion reading. Through its self-learning technology DeepEyes can learn to read specific emotions of individuals while using standard hardware. No internet connection needed.


  • Trace developments of patients over time
  • Recognize a-normal body movements with professional athletes and thus prevent costly injuries (Gesture Recognition)
  • Facilitate training

Smart Home:

  • Monitor visitors (Authentication), access control, prevention of burglary, support elderly or disabled persons (Gesture Recognition)
  • Enhance home appliances and enable a seamless digital experience within homes
  • Enable smooth interaction and communication between humans and appliances
  • Enhance home robots by enabling emotion recognition

Locations, Events:

Manufacturing / “Smart Factory”:

  • Monitor production process (Gesture Recognition) or Quality Control (Anomalies Recogniton) with normal HD cameras
  • Make workplaces safer, e.g. enable safe co-operation of humans and robots, monitor workgear on construction sites (Anomalies detection, Gesture Recognition)
  • Quality Management: Detect anomalies in manufactured goods, e.g. on moving surfaces like conveyor belts
  • Measure dimensions of parcels on forklifts


Our technology works at record speed. We process large amounts of data per unit cycle.

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