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Financial Industry

The financial industry is changing fast and forever. New online apps will change the way we do banking and allow for a whole new banking experience. But also, the financial industry is arguably a key target for all types of crimes including cybercrime and asset misappropriation. Today’s world shows an industry who loses more than 16 billion $ per year only in card related fraud. Thess losses are expected to reach 35 billion $ by 2020 (source: Nilson report).

The DeepEyes technology can be a worthwhile support system for making banking easier and more secure.

Possible application areas:

Mobile and Online Banking

Re-vamped mobile banking apps become more customer friendly, easy to use and more secure for users.

  • Digital touchpoints – e.g. the use of tablets in branches – help retail banks deliver a more personal customer experience, provide on the spot assistance and at the same time free their employees. In such environments face recognition enables fast and personalized service on branch tablets.
  • The log-in process can become easier and more secure with additional face recognition.
  • Face recognition in combination with big data analytics and IoT can increase security, enhance customer service and prevent fraud.

“Truthfulness” Indicator

Individual emotion recognition DeepMood for customer interviews, e.g. in loan applications.

Using a standard webcam, the DeepEyes technology is able to determine with 90% accuracy, if the information given is true or not. The technology makes decision making easier, for example in credit approval processes. Banks can now carry out customer screening online or in personal conversations in order to assess creditworthiness.

The DeepEyes technology DeepMood allows them to substantially decrease the risk of selling bad loans.

Insurance companies can now check if customers with insurance claims are upright with their claims. The DeepEyes technology assists them in assessing their truthfulness. This solution can be used in personal conversations as well as online.

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Access Control

With the DeepEyes Technology DeepYou access control by a simple camera is easy and does not require more than a brief look in the camera. It operates in environments where highest levels of security and reliability are demanded.

Our technology can be customized to any requirements and we can work with your existing vendor to provide a fully integrated solution.


We do not store entire pictures or video streams of faces or bodies; instead we only store specific pixels of the face which cannot be reproduced when your database is being hacked or stolen. Also, the DeepEyes technology can work standalone and does not need internet access which represents an additional security aspect.

Our smart method of storing has a nice side effect: it enables fast search. As an example the technology can identify a person in a data base of 10 million faces within a second with a standard I5 computer.

ATM Recognition Technologies

With DeepEyes technology, face authentication as an additional security aspect at the ATM is possible.  The DeepEyes face recognition technology DeepYou can analyze faces on standard surveillance cameras and easily identify card owners by cross checking the person drawing money with a relevant database (authenticated cash transfer).

Recognition Technology against Cash Trapping

DeepEyes technology can improve ATM hardware security by instantly detecting manipulations on the ATM via a standard surveillance camera mounted in the ATM location. The recognition technology analyzes the data produced by the camera (video streams). It instantly detects anomalies and alerts security or surveillance authorities (e.g. via CCTV).

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Our algorithms solve complex classification tasks on low-end controllers (e.g. Arduino).

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