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Footfall – Point of Sale (PoS)

In a fast moving B2C environment it is almost impossible to analyze and adjust to customer behavior in real time, especially at the Point of Sale.

The DeepEyes technology is an effective people counter or retail traffic counter. Also, for more sophisticated requirements it tracks and analyzed customer attention by catching the line of sight or capturing specific traits and behaviours of customers. A simple camera and our technology can accomplish the following tasks:

  • identify and analyse buying signals
  • identify and analyse general emotions like lack of interest, surprise, attention and changes in such emotions
  • identify and analyse line of sight/ eye catchers
  • identify shoplifters and people with fraudulent intentions
  • analyse the effectiveness of sales representatives during customer conversations
  • measure the effectiveness of POS advertising in real time
  • accomodate general footfall requirements like counting of net customers (not conting employes, counting customers who enter the store several times etc.)
  • and much more

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