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Human Resources

Due to the ever increasing need for skilled personel HR departments have changed in perception. While in the past often viewed as a mere support function, the HR departments are more and more being viewed as a strategic business partner for their organizations.

DeepEyes can support HR in various ways:

  • Learning and Training: lessons automatically adjust to studentsĀ“ ability level and learning speed. The DeepMood technology can even identify ideal learning conditions and training methods. How? The technology recognizes facial expressions and can tell when students have clearly understood lessons or where following the matter is a challenge for them.
  • Recruiting: DeepMood can serve as a support system for identifying the right candidate for a position. The technology can serve as an indicator where applicants hesitate or do not seem to mean what they say. These are the moments where recruiters can dive deeper.
  • Performance Management: Assesss intellectual capabilities of individuals for performing specific tasks.

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The DeepEyes technology can be easily customized to your requirements.

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