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What DeepEyes Offers to the Logistics World:

  • Monitor (and document) the quality of shipped goods (anomalies recognition, defect recognition) with normal HD cameras
  • Make workplaces safer, e.g. enable safe co-operation of humans and robots, monitor that work gear standards on construction sites are adhered to (e.g. workers wearing helmets, safety shoes, googles etc.) See object recognition
  • Automated dimension measuring of moving objects

Automated dimension measuring of moving objects

Given the diversity of objects/shipped goods and the variety of requirements, dimension measuring is time consuming. Often, measuring is done manually or with costly and maintenance-prone laser distance sensors.

At any step along the logistics chain, DeepEyes determines the actual dimensions (and weight) of shipping units with standard HD cameras. The result is a drastic workflow speed up, which is particularly useful where large numbers of parcels or consignments need to be handled.

DeepEyes drastically speeds up dimension measuring at any step along the logistics chain. Parcels or objects of any kind or shape can be measured while moving on a forklift or on a conveyor belt. Dimensions are measured autonomously using 3 standard surveillance cameras.

Given the diversity of objects/shipped goods and the variety of requirements (measuring ranges, location specifics, light conditions) DeepEyes solutions will be customized to fit specific customer requirements.

How does DeepEyes fit into your IT architecture?

Application Areas – Example Use Cases:

Quality monitoring on an assembly line

Quality monitoring: Using two 720P cameras and a regular PC and DeepEyes detects defects on surfaces till 0,01 mm

Dimension measuring of regular or irregular shaped objects

DeepEyes automatically measures dimensions using three standard surveillance cameras monitoring an assembly line. Dimensions of objects are measured autonomously. Under certain circumstances (when density of item is known) the weight of the object can also be measured autonomously.

Measuring dimensions of parcels on a fork lift

Traditional laser systems are typically maintenance prone and have specific operation requirements:  operators have to drive their forklift through a laser “street” with a specific speed. Objects that are not cubic shaped have to be measured separately whilst standing still. The forks have to stand in a special position at a certain height and should be in a 90’ angle. Laser systems guarantee only 3 cm accuracy and cannot provide real time measuring.

The Deepeyes solution works with three cameras in an area of five by five meters. With this layout we measure objects of any shape. How fast/slow or in what direction the fork lift moves is not relevant. In order to do accurate measuring of the object with a deviation of maximum 0,5 cm all the forklift needs to “do” is drive anywhere through the defined area.

How do DeepEyes projects start? Find more infos here.

Our algorithms solve complex classification tasks on low-end controllers (e.g. Arduino).

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