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Gaming Industry

The DeepEyes technology DeepPose (Gesture Recognition) makes wireless full motion gaming real. The new virtual reality enabler with 3D motion tracking works with a standard camera on standard hardware.

DeepPose provides full positional body tracking – from toe to fingers – and reflects these on the screen. The system allows gamers to move freely in front of the screen, without wiring or any wearable sensors or any other tracking devices. Thus DeepPose enables a whole full motion gaming experience without any special accessories and makes also virtual reality easier and more gamer friendly.

Gaming Industry 2.0

emotion reading. Through its self-learning technology DeepEyes can learn to read specific emotions of individuals while using standard hardware. No internet connection is needed. This makes a new era of gaming possible.

This represents an important step in the further development of games and also allows to augment existing game offerings.

The technology is compatible with standard hardware, like a standard video camera on a standard PC, laptop or mobile phone.

DeepPose does not need an internet connection. It is very precise in detecting motion and distance and easy to use.

The DeepEyes algorithm is undemanding in operation. Processing a video in 720p / 30fps only consumes 10% of CPU (i5 2520m) and 50 MB of RAM.

Our algorithms solve complex classification tasks on low-end controllers (e.g. Arduino).

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