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Security and Defense

In turbulent times security and defense have become major concerns for state organizations, businesses, owners of private homes and event organizers alike. They all strive for a maximum of safety and security.

The DeepEyes technology can accommodate these needs in various ways.


The DeepEyes technology serves as an advanced surveillance system. It can augment any CCTV system in various environments that need special surveillance, e.g. at borders, in specific locations or with big events. The system will automatically adapt to the requirements of the location. It can be “taught” normal patterns. as well as outliers and anomalies and will become very accurate. As it operates in real-time it can even predict dangerous situations, e.g. through specific motion patterns in a specific area.

Additionally, the system allows tracing individuals  and thus prevent disturbances and increase safety in any environment.

See: Crowd Recognition, Motion Recognition

Identify Individuals

The DeepEyes technology can be used for identifying individuals by their faces or body movements and way of walking from various distances, e.g. when operated with a body cam. It can run against a database in which people are registered by movement or by their faces.

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Our technology works autonomously – no internet connection needed.

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