Innovation Workshop

GMP-Manufacturing Innovation Workshop

Video-based AI error recognition technology optimizes the GMP-regulated production process. It supports operators in complying with hygiene, safety, and quality requirements by spotting irregularities in real time.


  • Minute production irregularities, non-compliance to safety and hygiene requirements can have serious consequences for the entire production process.
  • Humans, though needed on the sophisticated GMP-regulated production floor, pose a risk to standardization. They introduce variability, which opens the door to errors and defects.
  • Flaws and irregularities can lead to substantial production losses and severe logistic issues.


Define potential application fields for video-based AI error-recognition to solve real-world challenges in production, thus enabling an optimized, more efficient manufacturing process.

Target Group:

  • Process technical experts in Pharma manufacturing
  • Business owners who are interested in optimizing the process and cutting back downtimes, material loss as well as production delays due to errors and malfunctioning.

Participants are not required to have AI specific knowledge.

Workshop Organization:

We will adjust the workshop to specific requirements.

We recommend the workshop in-house, in order to have the opportunity to visit the production site.

Alternatively, the workshop can also take place online.

Mutual NDA required. 


4.400 Euro (includes Travel Cost in Europe)

Workshop Content:

Our experts will converge their industry experience and video-based AI knowledge with the company production/manufacturing knowledge to enable a company specific action plan.

Specific fields of interest are:

  • Leak detection, e.g. in bioreactors
  • Safety or production risks arising from unwanted movements and/or gestures
  • Non-compliance to anti-contagion guidelines
  • Faulty packaging, faulty assembly, filling levels, anomalies in shape or color caused by human error

Discussion Points:

  • Examine areas where errors and malfunctions happen regularly
  • Identify application areas for video-based AI technology
  • Discuss video-based AI technology impact on manufacturing time/process
  • Discuss financial impact
  • Discuss regulatory requirements, company deployment, data security, privacy questions


This workshop seeks to address the traditional manufacturing objectives: to lower production cost, improve product quality and increase manufacturing efficiency by applying video-based AI on the GMP shop floor.

  • Understand challenges, leading to optimized solution finding
  • Ease the development of customized industrial solutions by creating a framework to bring AI modelling, solution development and production domain expertise together
  • Exchange domain knowledge
  • Converge capabilities needed for the development of video-based AI recognition solutions.
  • Foster an ecosystem so that effective collaboration is enabled. 


Workshop participants should bring photos, videos and other materials relevant for the discussion (especially important for online workshop).

After the workshop, participants will receive a summarizing document, which assesses the business benefit of specific video-based AI recognition solutions.

The document will serve as a basis for management decisions to implement video-based AI recognition technologies.