Leak Detection

Leak Detection in GMP Regulated Industries

In the manufacturing of biologics, preventing contaminants from entering fermenters or other bioreactors is of paramount importance. Undetected leaks  can allow contaminants to ruin entire batches of biopharmaceuticals.

Operator training cannot completely avoid the risk of leakage. Constant monitoring is required so as to prevent product loss, waste disposal issues, downtime as well as safety threats.

The DeepEyes video-based A.I. Leak Detection technology enables optimized control and reliability across the life of biopharmaceutical processes. The DeepEyes Leak Detection (in-service leak detection) recognizes and alerts in real-time to personnel, e.g. mobile devices, warning signals, desktops etc.  

  • Starting liquid leaks
  • Spillage on surfaces
  • Liquid streams, drops, droplets
  • Real-time detection
  • On all surfaces, e.g. transparent plastic containers (single-use biocontainers), tubes, connectors, floor