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What DeepEyes offers to the logistics world:

  • Monitor (and document) shipped goods, identify flaws and low quality with normal HD cameras. More Infos.
  • Make workplaces safer, e.g. make sure workers do not enter danger areas. More Infos.

Given the diversity of needs as well as location specifics, light conditions, DeepEyes solutions will be customized to fit specific customer requirements.

More application areas – example use cases:

Measure dimensions of regular or irregular shaped objects

DeepEyes automatically measures dimensions using three standard surveillance cameras monitoring an assembly line. Dimensions of objects are measured autonomously and in real time. Under certain circumstances (when density of item is known) the weight of the object can also be measured autonomously. More Infos.

Assess the ability to perform duty

Based on its unique “emotion detection” capabilities which measure micro expressions and capture unique individual facial features the DeepEyes emotion recognition reliably detects signs of drowsiness or intoxication. More Infos.

How will DeepEyes be integrated  into your IT architecture?

More use cases:

  • Detect humans in danger zones and warn operators accordingly in real time.
  • Monitor outdoor areas, like parking lots, docks, for unwanted behaviour.
  • Check loading/discharge of the vehicles and trucks

How do DeepEyes projects start? Find more infos here.


We do not store entire pictures or video streams of faces or bodies; instead we only store specific sets of pixels which cannot be reproduced when a database is being hacked or stolen. Also, the DeepEyes technology can work standalone and does not need internet access which represents an additional security aspect.

Our smart method of storing has a nice side effect: it enables fast search.

Our algorithms solve complex classification tasks on low-end controllers (e.g. Arduino).

If you would like to speak with our experts, please contact us and we’ll set it up.

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