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For companies to reduce logistics costs, automation is key. With an automated, cost-effective transportation and logistics system and real-time monitoring, a company can implement major strategic changes to provide visibility, improve safety, reduce costs and increase customer service levels.

What DeepEyes offers to the logistics world

  • Monitor goods, identify flaws in packaging

  • Ensure individuals do not trespass danger areas

  • Monitor loading / unloading of goods

  • Count goods, persons, vehicles

  • Trace vehicles

  • Detect potentially harmful motions of machinery

  • Detect empty parking spaces

  • and many more

Given the diversity of requirements as well as location specifics, light conditions, DeepEyes logistics solutions will be customized to fit specific needs.

Data Security / Privacy

DeepEyes only reads and analyzes specific sets of pixels which are relevant for recognizing clearly defined anomalies, outliers or deviations. We do not store any customer data nor do we use biometrical unique identifiers. They are not relevant for our analysis.

DeepEyes Project Steps

Our algorithms solve complex classification tasks on low-end controllers (e.g. Arduino).

If you would like to speak with our experts, please contact us and we’ll set it up.

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