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The DeepEyes Algorithm

Born from almost two decades of research conducted by video analytics and neuro technology scientists as well as experts in predictive technologies we have developed a complex, self-learning algorithm that can reliably and accurately analyze video data in real-time without external communication like grid computing or neural networks. Instead the technology is an on-device neural network accellerator.

The technology operates on standard off-the-shelve hardware, even on a tiny micro-controller.

The uses of our technology are endless and we continue to push the limits of what is possible.

  • A unique combination of mathematical and statistical algorithms
  • Processing of information in RAM
  • Use of low-level languages

Why This Technology is Special:

  • Processing of large amounts of data per unit cycle.
  • We solve complex classification tasks on low-end controllers (e.g. Arduino)
  • Currently testing solutions that allow us to increase our speed 20 times. For example, 4000 polygons are classified in a few milliseconds.
  • Most analytics tasks around our technology can be solved using a normal smartphone.
  • Customization or OEM on request.
  • Simple interface, easy integration and customization.

For specific customer requirements we have developed the following technologies:

Less Code – More Maths

The DeepEyes technology uses several combinations of Bayesian methods for the classification and analysis of images and data. The technology is adaptive, this means it can evolve models that dynamically respond to changes. For example, the core algorithm for our emotion recognition technology consists of definitions of about 98 physiological parameters. It is able to work without external communication; that means that it can operate on-device and does not need neural networks or grid computing. Depending on our customers´specific requirements all our algorithms are slightly altered or combined with additional technologies.

Our Algorithm

The Algorithm Includes (but is not limited to):

  • Pulse, eye movement, respiratory rate recognition
  • Patterns of behavior/reactions to events
  • Gestures/movements
  • Head turns, activity of facial muscles or areas of the face
  • Moving objects of any kind
  • Anomalies and outliers recognition, e.g. in crowds
  • Authentication capabilities, e.g. face and motion recognition

Our algorithms solve complex classification tasks on low-end controllers (e.g. Arduino).

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Individual Emotion Recognition

The DeepEyes individual emotion recognition technology detects the tiniest movements in faces with a normal video camera. The technology measures 98 parameters in relaxed faces and can afterwards identify aberrations thus recognizing a large number of emotional shades like joy, contempt, or surprise specific for this particular person. Also drowsiness or intoxication – specific moods that manifest themselves through facial expressions can be recognized.

The unique DeepEyes technology is extremely performing and efficient. In fact the technology works like a lie detector without the traditional wiring and without requiring a specialist polygraph examiner who interprets the results of the interview/interrogation.

It relies exclusively on the facial expression of the examined individual. It is able to draw conclusions on the truthfulness or falsehood of statements.

  • Works with simple HD cameras.
  • Tells emotions like uncertainty, anger, surprise, well-being, confidence, mental disorder etc.
  • 25% – 30% increase in accuracy as against traditional lie detectors
  • Undemanding in terms of computer power
  • Works efficiently on smart phones or pads

Our technology does not require neural networks but exclusively relies on smart algorithms.

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Gesture Recognition

The DeepEyes gesture recognition can accurately and completely track precise body movements through a normal HD camera. It accompanies the human body down to its fingers and toes and recognizes the distance from the camera/screen as well as the specific body movements.

All this is possible with a standard web-camera on a standard  personal computer or, alternatively on a smartphone or pad. No additional equipment or accessories are required. The user can move freely without wiring. From now on, special motion sensors are  obsolete. The technology can work standalone / without an internet connection.

Also, Gesture Recognition can be used in highly digitalized environments where commands are given through simple hand movements. Use cases are interactions with smart home appliances or in IoT environments. It can also identify anomalies in athletes´ movements and prevent injuries. Many more application scenarios are possible.

Our technology works at record speed. We process large amounts of data per unit cycle.

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Crowd Recognition

The DeepEyes crowd recognition is a system for super-accurately recognizing patterns, outliers and anomalies in crowds in real-time.

The DeepEyes A.I. technology ”sees” anomalies in crowds and makes locations more secure while making investigation and analysis easier and smarter. The technology learns autonomously and recognizes usual patterns of behavior in a specific location. Through its adaptive algorithm it differentiates these from anomal patterns.  The DeepEyes crowd recognition can work standalone and can even identify subtle deviations. This makes it an ideal solution to early indicate potential threats in crowds.

In combination with our face authentication technology the solution can identify and trace individuals by their faces, their body movements and way of walking and cross-reference identified persons against relevant databases.

Our technology works autonomously – no internet connection needed.

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Face Authentication

The DeepEyes face authentication identifies or verifies individuals under the most demanding conditions against specific databases or watch lists, including:

  • by their faces, even if partly covered by scarves, beards, eye glasses, hats etc.
  • by their faces even if they only cover as little as 15% of the screen
  • by their faces from a wide range of viewing angles
  • by their body movements and gestures
  • Distance from 0,5 to 10 m
  • Recognition of data that are several years apart (e.g. the database contains a photo of an 18 year old person, the camera recognizes the same person at the age of 25)

For privacy reasons the DeepEyes technology does not store complete pictures but rather privacy secure unrecognizable pixels as well as statistical information

The DeepEyes technology can easily adapt to your requirements.

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Object Recognition

The DeepEyes object recognition can recognize even minor changes, anomalies or outliers on surfaces from raw materials and purchased parts to partially completed goods to finished goods or merchandise. Thus the technology can be used for inspecting surfaces and ensuring that they meet the specified quality standards.

The technology can be used for any kind of surface quality monitoring and can replace costly manual labour or high-tech machinery.

The technology can be customized to any requirements including:

  • Determining tolerances
  • Parameter design and tolerance design
  • Experimental design for dynamic characteristics

Advantages of Using Visual Object Recognition in Manufacturing:

  • Works with simple HD cameras.
  • Recognizes anomalies and outliers of any kind and can be easily customized to specific requirements
  • Substantial cost reduction as compared to manual inspection
  • Undemanding in terms of computer power